The three-day retreat held in the rolling hills of Hockley Valley is considered a sacred part of your 6-Month Group Mentorship program. This is an experiential and exclusive time to focus on you, and the group.

During your three-day stay, we will dive deeper in a relaxed, intimate environment that allows for growth and rejuvenation.

Who will be there?

Jill and her team of coaches and assistants will be working with you throughout your time to ensure you get the results and focus you need on the path to your goal.

All, Claim Your Bigger Future attendees will be present.

How long is the retreat?

The retreat is three days and three nights. You arrive on Thursday at whatever time best suits you. The luxurious spa is not to be missed! The program begins on Friday morning and follows a balanced schedule that includes: time for group learning, individual work time, self-reflection space and of course some time to enjoy your surroundings. We end our time together on Sunday afternoon.

Is there any personal time?

Yes. The retreat is structured to allow for breathing room and individual reflection. There will be time where you will work on your own goals and time where the group will be helping you progress.

Where do we stay?

All participants will stay on site at the host location. The up-scale accommodations, incredible food and natural surroundings create an ideal environment for you to disconnect from all distractions and get the most from your experience. 

What about food?

Some of our best breakthoughs and connections happen over meals, so the group will spend most meals together. Hockley Valley Resort is known for its exceptional food. Diverse samplings of regional fare and healthy, delicious options are offered daily.

The Hockley Valley Resort is a luxury spa, ski retreat, golf course, conference center, and hotel nestled in the heart of the Hockley Valley. The resort’s is surrounded by gorgeous mature forests and scenic rolling hills.