Ten Essential Checkpoints On Your Bigger Future Roadmap.

Everyone has an idea or vision of their Bigger Future.  

  • a better life,
  • a career promotion,
  • a new business,
  • a healthier body,
  • more family time;

The list is as varied as the people we are. 

Ultimately, you want to feel personally fulfilled and to make a meaningful difference in your life and in the lives of others.

You may have reached a point in your life, or your career, when you notice your bigger future fading in the face of setbacks, unexpected events, or stagnant situations. Frustration sets in, you discount your big goals, and you begin to doubt your ability to ever achieve your bigger future. You feel stuck, lost, or even isolated. You wish you could press re-set and start all over. Deep down, you know that there’s so much more and, you want to play bigger. You feel stuck here, in the day-to-day drag and you see your bigger future way over there, seemingly out-of-reach.

Your toughest challenge right now is “Where do I start?” It’s a big question. Your bigger future is achievable when broken down into manageable steps. Each checkpoint is a potential spark, that when acted upon, can ignite your bigger future.

Are you ready?

For each of the following statements, think of your bigger future and pinpoint where you are, on a scale of 1 to 5. 


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Tally Your Score: 

Add up your scores on each of the 10 scales. Your total will be a sum out of a possible total score of 50. For example: 35/50 or 25/50. 


Where Am I On The Road to My Bigger Future? What Your Score Means: 

Congratulations! Wherever you started, you’re now one step closer to making your bigger future happen. 

Score: 10-25

What it means
You’re at a place where you feel that something really needs to change. It’s a great place to be! You need a starting point and it’s likely about articulating your goals and bigger future, designing a realistic plan to achieve it, and learning some habits and techniques to keep you on track. Your bigger future is definitely achievable and the Bigger Future Roadmap will get you there. 

It’s hard to launch without clarity about where you want to go. Start by brainstorming an unedited list of the elements of your bigger future. What do you really want it to include? Enlist the help of someone you trust to help you really think bigger about what’s possible. Clarity on where you want to go is essential and sharing that with someone else will provide some accountability. 

Score: 26-40

What it means
You’ve definitely got some things to celebrate! You have some clarity of purpose, a partial plan, and you’re starting to set some priorities and track progress. For you, it’s going to be about avoiding detours or getting sidetracked, and dealing with boundary issues where people around you aren’t supportive. There are important skills and habits that you can learn so that you can manage the next phase. The Bigger Future Roadmap meets you where you are so you get closer to your bigger future, faster. 

Start a daily practice of writing down your wins and achievements in one place. Notice three or more wins to remind yourself of the reality of what you have accomplished. Even small wins count! You will feel a deeper sense of progress.

Score: 41-50

What it means
You have a strong sense of where you’re going and a plan to get there. At this point, you need to ask yourself three key questions so that you stay focused and make any necessary adjustments. First, are you and your goals aligned and connected with your bigger purpose – why are you really here? Second, are you setting and holding the boundaries necessary to stay on track because as we get closer to our bigger future, this gets harder to do? And finally, now that you’re this far along, are you still happy with your goal or has it evolved and gotten bigger because you’ve grown?

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