When women come together with a commitment to creating change in their own world and those they lead, amazing things happen.

Group mentorship brings so much more to the table.

You get a deep connection to a community of like-minded women who are committed to living a Bigger Future. Whether that’s building a purpose based businesses, launching their work in a totally new direction or creating a whole new culture and expectation within the organization they lead – it’s about leverage.

Leveraging the incredible skills, ideas, expertise, connections, life experience and creativity of the whole group, levels up everyone.

One of the biggest challenges to women claiming their Bigger Future, is that when you make that decision, you take a stand for something important. You are making a statement.

You will be challenged, and questioned often from the very people that say they will support you. The world around you will shift.

This can feel anywhere from completely paralyzing to really isolating.

Being in an intimate group, with guided mentorship and regular connection makes navigating the shift easier, faster and a lot more fun!

The accountability and support that happens in a group mentorship program is powerful. Don’t wait another day to claim the life you know was meant for you.