I see you.

I see your light. brilliance. smarts. potential. accomplishments. desires.

You want to make a bigger difference, but you also want a bigger life.

It’s time to show up as your whole self

in your life, in your family, and in your business.

I see you stepping into your leadership in a radical new way that leaves you feeling filled up rather than burnt out.


It’s time to cut through the noise and come home to YOU.

No more showing up to work one way, in the family another, and in the community a third.

I stand for authenticity, a willingness to go into light and shadow, and speaking the truth.

It’s time to give voice to your purpose, to your truth, and to your power.

I’ve got the roadmap to get you there.

I’m jill proud

I work with highly successful women in their transition from the “so now what” void to living and leading their inspired purpose, making great money and making a meaningful difference.

I get it.

You’ve tried doing more reading on it, more vacations, spa days. book clubs, get togethers, running a half marathon or climbing something.

You’ve tried having an extra glass of wine you didn’t need.

and all of it hasn’t resulted in feeling closer to your purpose and actioning what you really want in the world.

What you need is the framework to guide you from depletion and into your power.


We take a look at making conscious what is unconscious.

We are willing to step into the quiet spaces of reflection.

We reconnect with our purpose and our grace to create a life that fills us up.


What we do together is about self permission. Here’s what I need, here’s what it takes to get it.


Your desire of wanting to achieve more in your life requires you to take on the responsibility that that requires.


No apologies. No more putting yourself last. No more breaking contracts with yourself.

It’s time to show up in your power, in your grace,

and in your authentic truth.

Join me on the path of truly powerful leadership.


Through my work with Jill, I show up as a strong CEO who is confident in my voice, compassionate with my team and collaborative in my community.

As a senior leader who had just stepped into the CEO role I knew I wanted and needed support to grow myself and my team. Jill has been instrumental in developing my voice and my confidence as a female leader. I hear Jill in my head during challenging conversations and her advice to not let the negative take up space in my head. I know how to manage myself and stay focused on where the conversation needs to go. 


President & CEO, Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare


GET CLEAR ON YOUR PURPOSE so you can live and lead more powerfully.

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